The Buyer's Journey

The Buyer’s Journey is the fundamental steps that visitors and leads go through leading up to making a purchase. This is a very simple answer because it really works. This is all about from the first time they meet you, the first time they come to your website, the point when they buy from you, and the experience after they buy from you.


Expressed symptoms of a problem or issue. So, let’s say you’re having an issue with generating leads to your website. Your problem is that your website has poor SEO.

• eBooks
• trend reports
• checklists
• whitepapers
• blogs


Defined what the problem is based on the information he found on your blog. Now they are searching for solutions.

• blogging
• AdWords
• social media
• templates
• Reviews
• keyword optimization.


Digital marketing strategy. SEO, content creation, social media strategy behind it. Ensuring to build content aligning up to the certain stage that they’re in.

• product videos
• demos
• free consultations
• testimonials