Sending the Right Email

Sending the Right Email

Email is not dead – its more relevant than we’ve ever seen before.
It engages, nurtures, and delights our customers. It is primarily to close leads into customers and highly effective for delighting your customers. Nurturing is building relationships, and providing them with helpful and relevant content. Continue to nurture them after they have become customers.

1. Where is your audience in the buyer’s journey?

2. Segmentation – sending targeting emails increases open rates. You can segment people using their occupation, or company size.

3. Decide on your content – think about the different types of content and how it syncs up with the buyer’s journey. Keep your content easy to consumer, videos, blogs, educating prospects, consideration answering the unanswered questions, webinars, case studies, frequently ask questions, third party reviews, free trials, products demos, estimation or quotes.

4. Lead nurturing – the process of building relationships and earning their business when their ready.
• Would I be excited to read this?
• Would it add value?

Using targeted content, multiple touches, follow up, personalized emails, sales and marketing alignment.

Personalized when appropriate – address them personally.