Kingston Police Cybersecurity Training

LearningBrick is pleased to announce our participation in security training for the Kingston Police for the fall of 2017.

Staff for the local police force will be participating in a cybersecurity training seminar that was customized specifically to suit their specific environment. After discussing their needs and concerns with our training and development staff at LearningBrick, Kingston Police has integrated this in-class course as part of their training regimen.

The goal of the seminar is to ensure overall awareness of the common types of threats that exist and how to deal with those concerns appropriately. This course focuses on several key topics, including defining cyber security, classifying different types of security threats to the computing environment, identifying and addressing current exploits in the world at large, and data protection & preservation.

The content is geared towards business and personal use, and since everyone who uses a computer should have a fundamental understanding about cybersecurity, it is being delivered to all staff members by our industry-certified security professionals.