Classroom Rental

Computer Classroom Rental in Kingston, Ontario

LearningBrick provides a variety of services to make your computer classroom rental simple and problem-free. We understand that your goal is to have an optimal environment for your staff or clients while training.  We will provide you with a single point of contact ensuring that you have a great experience.

Extra Services Available

Classroom Setup and Configuration

The classroom is prepared, educational material is distributed, the computers and network are correctly configured, your unique software is loaded, everything is ready.

Catering Services

We can arrange lunch catering for your group. Choose from hot or cold meals (or a combination of both). Additional catering items available (fruit trays, bottled water & bottled juice).

Standard services provided at our facilities include:

Full-time technical support team Morning and afternoon snacks  Unlimited coffee, tea & filtered water White boards Comfortable office-style chairs Plenty of workspace for each student Overhead projectors Flexible classroom sizes LearningBrick staff will meet and direct your students to the appropriate classroom Full-time managerial and administrative support

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