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Cybersecurity Starts at the Top – Why Top Management Must Set the Tone for Data Security

Cybersecurity has been in the news a lot lately. The high-profile security breaches at Target, T.J. Maxx and other major retailers have served as a wakeup call for businesses everywhere, and even the smallest companies are not immune from the threat of data security failures and identity theft.

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Why Do You Need to Take Part in the Certified Secure Computer User Training for Municipalities?

Computer users are the biggest risk to your security – they login and have access to massive amounts of confidential data. The risk is usually not intentional, it is usually lack of knowledge or training. LearningBrick is able to bring to you a course that will give users the knowledge to use ther computers safely at work and at home.

Topics Covered

  • Identity theft
  • Email hoaxes
  • Credit card fraud
  • Sex offenders lurking online
  • Online banking phishing scams
  • Loss of confidential information
  • Viruses and backdoors
  • Hacking attacks and social engineering
  • And More

More Info : EC Council’s Secure End User

Utilize the latest innovations in digital education

Virtual labs is a new technology that allows us to bring a complicated lab setup to your students quickly and easily. Some courses are complicated in that they require many computers to be setup so we can properly experience a real life environment. Each student will have their own environment to work with. Once the course has been completed they can continue to utilize this environment from their home or office for up to 180 days after.

  • Access to your lab environment during and after the course
  • Complicated lab environments made easy

Blended Training is utilizing multiple training methods to improve your learning outcome. We can utilize in-class, eLearning, and virtual classroom methods.

  • Blended Learning helps extends your learning beyond the one event
  • Can save money by reducing some in-class training time, both in travel and work stoppage
  • Blended training allows students to absorb training on their own time

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