Municipal Training

LearningBrick is excited to offer two highly sought-after courses designed specifically with your needs in mind.

We understand the challenges municipal government organizations face when it comes to security and accessibility. That’s why we provide the following training for municipalities.

Accessibility Training


Why Do You Need to Take Part in Accessibility Training?

As of January 1, 2015, your website and its content must meet the WCAG 2.0, an internationally accepted standard for web accessibility with guidelines to make websites more accessible for those with disabilities. That is why we offer accessibility training onsite/in-class – customized to fit you and your staff members’ unique needs.
Our custom courses will cover Microsoft Office accessibility features and Adobe Acrobat accessibility.

This training is absolutely vital to ensuring you’re providing proper accessibility of website content for disabled users – for ethical, commercial, and legal reasons.

When you make your website content more accessible for everyone, you’re expanding your audience to 20% more of the population who have a disability.

Courses include topics such as :

Cyber Security Awareness

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Why do municipalities need cyber security end user training?

As the technology changes so do the threats. It is critical that you have the necessary training to meet your cyber security objectives. We spend lots of time and effort to secure our data. We need to ensure that employees understand the importance of keeping things secure. Our classes enable you to apply the knowledge you’ve learned as soon as you return to the office and or home. Regardless of your computer experience, this class will help you become more aware of technology-related risks and what you can do to protect yourself and your organization from them.

Course Objectives:

In this course, you will identify many of the common risks involved in today’s Cyber environment.

Topics covered in this 2 hour course

  • How to determine what is a valid security concern
  • Secure devices like desktops, laptops, smartphones, and more…
  • Impact the security at your office or home
  • And More

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Course Outline